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Winter Adventures In Colorado

Photo by Adam Chang on Unsplash.
Photo by Adam Chang on Unsplash.

Colorado is known for its diverse geography with outdoor spaces suited for any activity you can think of. Hiking, biking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, skiing, and boating are just some of the adventures that residents and visitors can enjoy all year long. However, in order to be responsible during the pandemic, enjoying the parks and trails with your large friend group is no longer possible. In order to quell our adventurous spirits, one Denver-based tour and travel company is putting something special together.

Winter Adventure Treasure Box

Treasure Box Tours offers adventurers an authentic insider’s lens when it comes to experiencing the great outdoors in the state of Colorado. These Treasure Boxes are a combination of guided-tours with a care package from local businesses. On the surface they are just like any self-guided audio tour like those found at museums or national parks that show you where to go and what you’re seeing. What makes these tours special is the snacks and souvenirs picked to support local businesses, that create a memorable experience.

This year Treasure Box Tours is offering a COVID-safe winter mountain adventure box that is best for small groups or individuals looking for a solo adventure. This box will take you on a self-guided tour of a sample of what Colorado’s mountains have to offer, whether you’re heading west for snow sports or just want a day to get away from the city. Depending on which treasure box you pick, adventures start as low as $65. For more details and ways to participate, visit the Treasure Box Tours website.

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