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Mark & Alison Eibner

I love my monthly newsletter, it includes all real local home sales information and local real estate statistics about Colorado and about our markets and our cities. All the articles are written locally and are about our market and not the national dribble. Adding video has really stepped up my image with my clients! Thanks to all of you.


Bobby & Tedi Hunt

The newsletter by CO Home News is incredible! Always very up to date and very important home industry news and updates! Our clients love it and everyone at our company reads it thoroughly every month! We highly recommend working with and following Colorado Home News!


Jerry Biesboer

I really like the simplicity of the blogging that is done for my business blog and how it keeps my friends and clients updated with the most recent market news... and they just love it!

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Anna Merrick

Colorado Home News helps me produce videos for my clients so that I can update them on the state of the real estate market in Colorado. Their video quality, professionalism, and prices are the best!

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