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Prehistoric Colorado

Photo by Danny Grizzle on Unsplash.
Photo by Danny Grizzle on Unsplash.

There are so many dinosaur-related attractions to see in Colorado, that you can literally make a full vacation out of it. Though there's no wrong way to plan your trip, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a great place to start. This Denver museum has a large variety of the fossils discovered along the front range. The most well known of these discoveries are a Tyrannosaurus rex, the first Triceratops discovery, Ornithomimus, and a Torosaurus. Continue reading for some more ideas for your prehistoric adventure in Colorado.

Your Prehistoric Adventure

Morrison isn't just known for the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, it is also the birthplace of some of the first-discovered dinosaur fossils, including the Stegosaurus. The two sites in this area are called Dinosaur Ridge Trail and Triceratops Trail. Dinosaur Ridge Trail offers more than a dozen interpretive sites and Triceratops Trail has about six. Therefore, depending on how much time you can spend in the area, you can choose your adventure accordingly. You can also check out the Dotsero Crater Site in Eagle County. Not only is the geological formation there interesting, the Dotsero area is beautiful because it is at the confluence of the Eagle and Colorado Rivers.

The pinnacle of your prehistoric adventure in Colorado should be the Dinosaur National Monument. This prehistoric site along the Colorado-Utah border boasts more than 1,500 fossils. These fossils are still embedded into their original rock formations and can be viewed in their entirety. The site also has an 80-foot long mural that visually tells the story of the late Jurassic period. If you have some extra time, swing by Rabbit Valley near Grand Junction. Rabbit Valley is the home of the Mygatt-Moore Quarry which features some very unique paleontological resources.

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