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Haunted Hotels in Colorado

Photo by Fern M. Lomibao on Unsplash.
Photo by Fern M. Lomibao on Unsplash.

Haunted hotels are places where history, mystery, and the supernatural converge, creating an atmosphere unlike any other. These intriguing establishments are steeped in stories of restless spirits, eerie occurrences, and unexplained phenomena. Whether it's the creaking of antique furniture, flickering lights, or inexplicable chills that send shivers down your spine, these hotels offer an unforgettable blend of historical charm and spine-tingling encounters with the unknown. Colorado has several confirmed haunted hotels. Continue reading for some of the most popular haunted hotels in Colorado.

Popular Haunted Hotels in Colorado

The Stanley in Estes Park stands out as one of Colorado's most renowned haunted hotels, famous for inspiring Stephen King's novel, "The Shining." It has earned its reputation as one of America's premier haunted destinations, where a cast of spirits and ghostly apparitions frequently make their presence felt. Enhance your visit with their eerie night tours, which include a 60-minute guided walk that acquaints you with figures like Stephen King, the original hotel owner F.O. Stanley, and other noteworthy visitors spanning more than a century. Though The Stanley Hotel may be the most well known haunted building in Colorado, there are more of note.

Silverton's Imperial Hotel gained recognition through an episode of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. It's reputed to be haunted by the spirits of its original owner and his daughter. Another notable haunt is the historic Hotel Jerome in Aspen, a local icon since 1889, rumored to shelter the ghost of a young boy who tragically drowned in its pool, alongside sightings of mining men from the hotel's past. Denver's cherished Oxford Hotel, in operation since 1891, is steeped in haunting tales, with reports of a woman who took her own life along with her lover in the hotel, notably in room 320. The legendary Cruise Room bar within the hotel also carries stories of supernatural occurrences. It must be said that though these places have had "sightings" most of those that have spent time at these hotels boast pleasant and spook-free stays.

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