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Colorado Camping Tips

Photo by Jonathan Forage on Unsplash.
Photo by Jonathan Forage on Unsplash.

Camping in Colorado is an adventure that promises unforgettable experiences, whether you're nestled in the shadow of towering peaks, beside crystal-clear alpine lakes, or amidst the serene expanses of forests and grasslands. With its diverse landscapes and abundant natural beauty, Colorado offers a plethora of camping options for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. From the well-equipped sites in state and national parks to the remote backcountry locations managed by federal agencies, and even private campgrounds with modern amenities, there's a perfect spot for everyone. Continue reading for some tips about the different camping experiences in Colorado.

Your Guide to Colorado Camping

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) manages over 4,000 campsites across Colorado's 43 state parks, ranging from backcountry sites to full-hookup sites with water, sewer, and electrical connections. CPW recommends making reservations, especially during the busy summer months. Camping in state parks often differs from camping in Colorado's four national parks, which also offer numerous camping opportunities. Many developed campgrounds in the national parks feature restrooms, tent pads, seasonal potable water, and nighttime programming. For a more remote experience, campers can obtain permits for designated backcountry sites.

Federal lands offer even more camping options. The U.S. Forest Service manages 14 million acres within Colorado's 11 national forests and two national grasslands, while the Bureau of Land Management oversees 8.4 million acres. These areas include campsites ranging from developed sites with amenities like restrooms, fire rings, and water to remote sites accessible only by horse, mountain bike, or backpacking. Additionally, there are many privately-owned campgrounds throughout Colorado, some offering perks such as playgrounds, hot tubs, and Wi-Fi. For private campground options, check out the Colorado Campground and Lodging Owners Association or the Colorado KOA Owners Association.

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