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Immersive Denver Parks

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash
Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash.

Denver is a family-friendly city that offers kids many different choices to interact and learn. Centers like Meow Wolf Denver and events like Camp Christmas are indicative of just how great Colorado's capital is at offering meaningful and engaging spaces for today's youth. The next to follow this kid-friendly trend are Denver parks. These days you'll see less of the generic plastic structures of the early 2000s and more elaborate animal themes, water park-quality splash pads and features that cater to different ages and abilities. Here are some new park developments across the city.

New Park Attractions in Denver

North Park Hill has revived a patch of land now known as Fairfax Park, which is named after Fairfax Street that is next to the park. This area has a multi-story, orange-and-silver play structure for kids that is parents will find aesthetically nice to look at. It has an open roof and different layers like you'll find at Adventure Forest at Children’s Museum of Denver. The play structure also includes a slide for your kids to enjoy. More parts of the park are currently in development. This includes a shelter with picnic tables, swings, and even a fountain area for children to safely play with water during the summer.

Denver's City Park playground is also seeing some wonderful upgrades. Replacing a lot of the old wooden structures is a new gated area with a custom swing for kids with disabilities. The centerpiece of this new area is a "blue dragon," a curved wooden structure painted bright blue that kids can play on and resembles a playful sea serpent. There is a new climbing area a few feet away, a spiral staircase that features vertical boards. Parents are saying that it looks a lot like the original Denver Art Museum building but with grated metal windows and a long, twisting slide.

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