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A Premiere Holiday Market

Photo by Daniels Joffe on Unsplash.
Photo by Daniels Joffe on Unsplash.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit like never before as Cherry Creek, Colorado, is gearing up to host a spectacular holiday market that promises to be the highlight of the season. Nestled in the heart of this charming city, the upcoming holiday market is set to transform Cherry Creek into a festive wonderland, where the magic of the season comes to life. With an enchanting array of handcrafted treasures, festive delights, and a joyful atmosphere, this market is destined to be a seasonal extravaganza that captivates hearts and ignites the holiday cheer. So, mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable holiday experience that celebrates the very essence of the season in the vibrant setting of Cherry Creek.

The Cherry Creek Holiday Market

From November 16 to December 24, 2023, Cherry Creek North on Fillmore St. between 1st and 2nd Avenue will come alive with the fourth edition of the Cherry Creek Holiday Market. This vibrant event showcases the talents of over 50 local artisans and boasts a daily lineup of live music performances by homegrown talents. It's an inviting place to unwind, with a well-stocked bar program and an enchanting, festively adorned ambiance. What's more, this market is open to everyone, free of charge, and designed to be a welcoming destination for families and their furry friends.

You can expect to see vendors like Captain Crepes, Helman Fine Art, and SK Handicraft. Another highly anticipated vendor for this annual event is a company called Green Yams. Green Yams is committed to serving both its local and global communities. Locally, they connect with the community through farmer's markets, while their online presence extends their reach to the global stage. The Green Yam specialty lies in crafting wholesome tea blends, with choices that include Matcha green tea infused with Lion's Mane mushrooms, rich Cacao, and more. They recently introduced an exciting range of gourmet edible mushrooms. As a proud black-owned business, Green Yams mission is to make a positive impact on both the local and global communities by providing nourishing and health-conscious options.

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