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Your Property Taxes Are Going To Go Up
Some 30% To 70% Next Year


THURSDAY, MAY 25 @ 6-7:30 pm

Colorado homeowners are bracing for what will be the largest tax increase in Colorado history, following last week’s property valuation announcement from county assessors. If you’ve opened your property tax assessment you’ve already had your coronary. Beginning next year, Colorado homeowners can expect their property taxes to increase by as high as 70%. With the cost of everything else increasing...fighting this increase is a worthwhile endeavor. I have put together a seminar with one of the top property tax appeal experts in the state. You are invited to attend this very informative event. Please reply to this message to save your seat. Refreshments provided!

The course will cover critical topics such as:

  • A properly prepared market analysis.

  • The county's property appraisal.

  • Tax assessment appeals.

  • Legal and ethical considerations.

  • Understand how properties are assessed and calculated In Colorado

  • Proven strategies to appealing Colorado property values

  • Leverage this knowledge so we can work together in filing your protest of value.


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