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Women & Film

Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash.
Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash.

Following the recent film festival No Man's Land, the Women + Film Festival will also focus on giving more light to the underrepresented. According to founder Barbara Bridges, this festival is "an important platform to shine the light on women working behind the scenes to create change." Women + Film is an annual festival organized by Denver Film. Due to social distancing guidelines, April's line up will be available virtually. Continue reading for what you can expect from this event.

The Film Festival

This year's Festival will take place April 13–18 online. So, instead of getting dressed up and driving miles out of the way, you can enjoy these films from the comfort of your home. The 2021 Festival will feature over 15 premieres. These will include amazing local stories, documentaries, and powerful female-driven narratives. The full festival pass is $110, which will include access to all of the films. The full pass will also include conversations with community leaders focused around the films in the festival and pressing issues facing the community. If you are only interested in a few of the films, then you can pay for them individually as well.

Prices for individual films are $15 each. However, if you are a Denver Film member, that price goes down to $12 per film. Some of the films will only be available on certain days, so make sure you check the roster early. Though most of the films are what you would consider as "full-length features," there are some great short films in the mix as well. For example, the short film "Sisters" was directed by Jess Brunetto and features a predominantly female cast. In this film, two estranged sisters come together to deal with their mother's passing. You can expect to see many great films like this that were produced, written, and directed by women.

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