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Winter Outdoor Spaces

Photo by Lennart Hellwig on Unsplash.
Photo by Lennart Hellwig on Unsplash.

Colorado is no stranger to snow and cold weather. However, just because temperatures are cooler that doesn’t mean you have to give up an inch of your outdoor space. With key medical professionals asking Americans to social distance, your outdoor space is one of the last places left where you can have guests over with enough room to socialize at a distance. Here are some tips to keep you from having to sacrifice your outdoor space this fall and winter.

Is Your Outdoor Space Open During Winter? First of all, to keep guests happy, you'll want your outdoor space to be warm and inviting. Many brands now have there own version of an electric or propane outdoor heater, though nothing beats a traditional fire pit. There are even outdoor furniture sets with built in fire pits! And don't forget about the upkeep on your yard. Cold winds rid trees of leaves and branches, so make sure to clean them up before inviting anyone over. Dead annual flowers and plants can be removed and replaced with mulch.

If you usually put your outdoor seating in storage during the winter, look into getting some machine-washable covers so that you can keep them out for longer. Outdoor furniture with benches can be replaced with individual seating so they can be spaced further apart. And don't forget about lighting. Ground level lights will illuminate your landscape for those evening engagements. You can also use string lights and solar powered, weather-resistant lights. Depending on where you shop, these are usually more affordable, easy to install and a breeze to upkeep.

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