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The Unique and Quirky World of Colorado's Casa Bonita: From Cliff Divers to Sopapillas

Photo by Hybrid Storytellers on Unsplash

Casa Bonita, the beloved Mexican restaurant and entertainment venue located in Lakewood, Colorado, was acquired by the creators of the hit television show South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The news of the acquisition was announced on March 11, 2021, marking an exciting development for fans of the show and the restaurant alike.

Casa Bonita, which first opened in 1974, has been a cultural icon in Colorado for decades, known for its vibrant atmosphere, cliff divers, and delicious food. The restaurant was even featured in a popular episode of South Park in 2003, where the characters visit Casa Bonita and get caught up in a wild adventure.

One of the reasons why Casa Bonita is so unique is its elaborate interior design. The restaurant is modeled after a Mexican village and features a variety of themed rooms, including a pirate's cove, a hacienda, and a courtyard. The centerpiece of the restaurant is a 30-foot indoor waterfall, which adds to the atmosphere and provides a soothing background noise.

In addition to the decor, Casa Bonita is known for its live entertainment. The restaurant has a stage where performers, including magicians, puppeteers, and musicians, put on shows throughout the day. The most famous of these performances is the cliff diving show, where professional divers jump off a high platform into a pool of water below. This show has been a staple of Casa Bonita since its opening and continues to be one of the restaurant's biggest draws.

In recent years, Casa Bonita has faced financial struggles and was in danger of closing permanently. However, the acquisition by Parker and Stone offers a new ray of hope for the iconic establishment. In a statement, Parker and Stone expressed their excitement about the opportunity to own and operate Casa Bonita.

Opening Details

Casa Bonita is set to re-open in May 2023, following extensive renovations and improvements. The South Park creators are reportedly investing millions of dollars into the restaurant to enhance the dining experience and modernize the facility while still maintaining the unique charm that has made Casa Bonita a Colorado institution for nearly 50 years. The acquisition is seen as a positive development for both the restaurant and the local community, preserving a beloved piece of Colorado's history while injecting new life and creativity into its future.

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