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The Great Colorado Waterfalls

Photo by Intricate Explorer on Unsplash.
Photo by Intricate Explorer on Unsplash.

Though Colorado has a dryer climate than many states, we have a plethora of bodies of waters and water features to visit. Few natural wonders rival the breathtaking allure of waterfalls, and Colorado boasts an abundance of these majestic features waiting to be explored. If you're embarking on a scenic road trip across the Centennial State, be sure to include these captivating waterfalls on your itinerary. Continue reading as we highlight some of the most visually stunning waterfalls in western Colorado, renowned not only for their beauty but also for their ease of access.

Colorado Waterfalls

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Colorado, North Clear Creek Falls stands out as one of the state's most enchanting waterfalls. Located along State Highway 149 between Lake City and Creede, this majestic cascade descends over 100 feet, providing an idyllic setting for a leisurely picnic. Another gem awaits in Pagosa Springs called Treasure Falls, a captivating 105-foot waterfall just a short distance from the city limits. Although not directly adjacent to the road, Treasure Falls remains easily accessible, with a hike of approximately a quarter-mile to reach its splendor. Legend has it that the falls earned their name from rumors of buried treasure dating back to the 1700s, yet despite the intrigue, the treasure remains elusive, so treasure hunters beware.

Situated in Telluride, Bridal Veil Falls reigns as Colorado's loftiest free-falling waterfall, cascading an impressive 365 feet. Accessible via Black Bear Pass, reaching this natural wonder requires a high clearance vehicle. On a pleasant day, it serves as an inviting spot for a leisurely stroll amidst breathtaking scenery. Meanwhile, Box Canyon Falls stands as a quintessential attraction in the mountain enclave of Ouray. Designated as an official recreation site, visitors must park and pay a nominal entrance fee for access. From there, a brief walk into the canyon unveils this hidden gem, offering a glimpse of nature's sublime beauty. Stay on Colorado Home News for more road-tripping ideas around the great state of Colorado.

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