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The Colorado Blues

Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash.
Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash.

The essence of the Colorado blues resonates passionately in "Blues in the Night," an intense and Tony-nominated musical masterpiece! The collection of 26 soul-stirring numbers narrating tales of passion, desire, and heartache will undoubtedly leave you invigorated, motivated, and eager to express yourself. Oscillating between sentiments of nostalgia, tenderness, and allure, "Blues in the Night" proudly presents an immense score and vocal arrangements aimed at creating an unforgettable impact. The inception and original direction were the vision of Sheldon Epps, while Terrell Davis took on the role of Director and Choreographer, with the musical guidance provided by Trent Hines. Get your tickets here.

The Aurora Fox Theater

Established in 1946, the Aurora Fox Arts Center initially stood as a prominent cinematic establishment. Serving a burgeoning populace, this theater, often referred to as Aurora's sole "movie palace," catered to the needs of the community, including military personnel stationed at Fitzsimons Army Hospital and Lowry Air Force Base. Fast forward to the present day, the Aurora Fox Arts Center has evolved into an acclaimed professional theater company, overseen by the Cultural Services Division of the city of Aurora.

Often affectionately shortened to "The Fox," this title encompasses both the edifice and the city-operated theater company that calls it home. Notably, it holds membership in the Actors' Equity Association's Small Professional Theater Tier 1 category. The theater's operational team comprises five dedicated full-time staff members, and it boasts two distinct performance spaces: a 242-seat proscenium theater and a more intimate 72-seat corner thrust black box "studio" theater. For more information about the Fox theater and upcoming shows, check out the Aurora Fox Theater website.

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