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Roadside Attractions in Colorado

Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash.
Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash.

Colorado has a lot to offer sight-seers and visitors of all ages. Aside from our numerous national parks, majestic wildlife, museums, and award-winning breweries, we also have our fair share of quirky and unique roadside attractions. These are great additions to any Colorado road trip because they only take a moment to explore and offer many fun picture-taking opportunities. Here are a few of our favorite roadside attractions that you can add to your Colorado visit today.

Planning Your Colorado Road Trip

At the top of our list is the world's largest fork. This monstrous eating utensil can be spotted in Creede. The fact that it is not near South Fork Colorado seems like an inside joke from the makers of this unique attraction, adding some comedy to the piece of art. The fork in Creede is a giant, 600-pound aluminum installation propped onto the side of a bar and grill. The story goes that it was created by Chev and Ted Yund as a gift to the restaurant owner on her birthday. The fork is 40 feet in length, built specifically to be larger than a different giant fork in Springfield, Missouri. All you have to do is head north into town on La Garita Street—you can't miss it! Creede is a beautiful town nestled in the mountains in the Rio Grande National Forest.

Colorado is also the home of the world's largest beetle. Don't worry, this towering bug is fake and locals lovingly call him Herkimer. Herkimer is a a 10-foot-high, 16-foot-long recreation of a West Indian Hercules Beetle. He is the unofficial mascot for the May Natural History Museum just up the road. This piece of art was built back in 1949 and has needed repairs over the years. With the help of an expert fiberglass artist, the beetle was recently repaired this May. If you want to see this Colorado specimen, just head south out of town on CO-115. Herkimer stands looking out over the intersection of Rock Creek Canyon Road in Rock Creek Park.

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