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Pikes Peak's New Summit Complex

Photo by Alexis Gethin on Unsplash.
Photo by Alexis Gethin on Unsplash.

With the Rocky Mountains occupying the western part of the state, Colorado is known for its beautiful mountain views. One of the most prominent 14ers in Colorado, Pikes Peak, is the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The mountain is named in honor of American explorer Zebulon Pike, an American brigadier general and explorer. Pikes Peak has housed many structures over the years, everything from gift shops to the Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway (the world's highest cog railroad), but there's a new complex opening soon that will surpass them all.

Unveiling The Pikes Peak Summit Complex

After six long years of construction and sixty-five million dollars, the Pikes Peak Summit Complex will be completed soon and may open as early as this summer. The complex is a behemoth of steel and glass that is prominently covering the southeast corner of the summit. The original building was constructed in 1964 and was much smaller than the new complex. This meant that a small group of guests could easily overfill the building quickly. Now guests will have a lot of room to walk around and take in the exquisite views.

Another aspect of the summit that has gotten upgraded is the displays. The original summit building had black and white photographs on the walls. The new complex will include interactive displays telling the story of the mountain. Also, there will be a dedicated museum, complete with a short film and viewing area. They have also added an extensive walkway going around the summit. The north side of the summit will feature a platform that juts out nearly twenty feet, giving brave guests a view of the shear drop below them. Many guests call this drop the Bottomless Pit. Remember to check Pikes Peak's website periodically for updates and open availability.

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