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Colorado Realtors: A Story of Perseverance

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash.
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash.

If you are working with a Realtor in Colorado, or have worked with one in the past, then you probably already have a sense of how hard we work. Colorado has a strong community of real estate professionals that care about getting clients like you into the home of their dreams. That's why when the Coronavirus showed up on America's doorstep, agents all over the state took action to make sure that their clients would still be able to continue the home buying and selling process in the safest way possible.

Our Work Never Stopped

When the rumor that Colorado would soon go on lockdown started to spread, Realtors already began to fear that their job would not be deemed as essential, putting many people who were already transitioning from one home to the next in real estate limbo. In anticipation of this, the Colorado Association of Realtors sent a letter to Colorado governor Polis on March 22 outlining why Real Estate should be considered essential in the event of a lockdown. As the Real Estate community had predicted, the Stay at Home order issued on March 25 by Polis did not include Real Estate professionals. Knowing how important it was to keep the industry alive for our clients, we did not back down. Within 24 hours the Colorado Association of Realtors was able to get the Stay at Home order amended to include real estate transactions as essential business. As time progressed and the pandemic began to ease in our state, so did the Stay at Home order.

On April 21, Polis announced a transition from the Stay at Home order to a Safer at Home order. Continuing its proactive approach to the Coronavirus, the Colorado Association of Realtors submitted recommendations to the governor to clarify essential real estate activities. The biggest thing we were fighting for was the ability to conduct listing appointments. When we were allowed to perform showings once again, we made sure there were standards in place to keep our clients safe at all times. Many agents began providing masks and gloves to clients so that they could view properties safely. In cases where this was not possible, we took to technology and virtual tours. Since the beginning of the virus, we have not stopped working because we care deeply about our clients. This is why on May 4, the Colorado Association of Realtors began fighting for a portion of the Colorado Coronavirus Relief Funds budget to be used for housing to ensure that low-income residents can remain in their homes.

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