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Arias & Ensembles

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Photo by Kenny Filiaert on Unsplash.
Photo by Kenny Filiaert on Unsplash.

Arias and Ensembles is a concert series coming to your homes virtually this May. Though mask restrictions have been lifted for the vaccinated, virtual performances are still great for the safety of the audience and performers. The selections in this show will be performed as they would be on stage, but without the use of sets and costumes. In no other performance will you get an intimate and engaging experience as this. Featuring the Opera Colorado Artists in Residence, these delightful, 30-minute programs will include arias and ensemble pieces from opera and musical theatre.

The Colorado Opera

The performances dates of this concert series will tentatively be starting on May 15th, though this is subject to change. Despite its opening date, the show is still scheduled to be available online until the end of May, giving viewers plenty of time to work it into their calendars. Check out the Opera Colorado website for more details, prices and virtual tickets. It is a series of concerts that will be lead my an emcee. Opera Colorado has been a Denver arts institution since 1981. Though management has grown and changed over the years, the group has never failed to bring wonderful performances to Denver.

According to the Opera Colorado's rich history: "In 2007, the company appointed General & Artistic Director Greg Carpenter, who had previously served as Opera Colorado’s director of development. Carpenter celebrated his 10th anniversary during the 2017-18 season and continues to lead the company to this day. His work was complemented by the addition of Opera Colorado’s first-ever music director in 2015. Music Director Ari Pelto fills an important role at the company, collaborating with Carpenter to further Opera Colorado’s mission, increase and diversify its programming and repertory, and more."

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