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Weekly Posting Plan


Social Media is an important tool for growing your business. Real Estate agents that post on social media can attract more clients and get client feedback. Feedback from clients helps build trust and loyalty, or in other words repeat business and referrals. For most agents, repeat and referral business accounts for 80%+ of deals. By posting at least one social media post a week, you can stay relevant with the clients that you have friended or followed online.

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When you sign up for our social media plan, we'll consistently post one real estate related post a week to your business social media account. All of our articles reflect real news about the market and current events in Colorado that will bring traffic to your timeline.


You will keep complete control of your social media account so that you can drive your brand the way you want to. We will never comment, invite, direct message, or contact your clients. Our post are meant to get your clients talking, so that you can do the rest.


We will spread your post to a maximum of four social media platforms. That's up to 16 posts a month! We support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. To protect your integrity and ours, we only post to business pages and avoid posting to personal accounts.


To make sure your brand is consistent throughout your social media presence, we will create custom banners for your accounts. Already have a professional portrait or logo? We can include that in your banner. Need a portrait or logo? Check out our Brand Builder service.


We know how important your social media accounts are, even your business page. Colorado Home News will not log directly into your account. We'll post using third party software. We will never ask you to change your login information.


Don't have a social media profile for your business? This plan is for teams and companies that have already set up their business on social media. But don't worry, we can still help. Check out our Social Media Set Up Plan for more details.

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