SEO Bundle

Weekly Posting Bundle


As a combination of our Social Media and Blogging plans, this bundle of services is your key to SEO success. Consistent blogging of quality, local content will drive more people to your website and increase your brand awareness. Reach even more potential clients by spreading your content on social media. When impressions on your social media posts link to a blog with your branding, you keep the client's attention and gain authority. Rank higher in search results and stay relevant with your clients longer.

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With this plan, we'll post an article every week on  your blog and share that post on up to four social media platforms. That's 4 blog posts and up to 16 social media posts a month. With this plan, you own all the content we post for you.


With Colorado Home News, you stay in control at all times. You are the focus of the content we create for you and will promote your brand. We connect to social media accounts remotely and will never ask you to change your login information.


Don't have a blog on your website? Need help setting up social media accounts to reflect your business? Get help before activating your bundle. We offer a Social Media Set Up plan and a Blogging Set Up plan to help you get started on your SEO journey.

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