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Colorado Street Art

Photo by Pieter van de Sande on Unsplash.
Photo by Pieter van de Sande on Unsplash.

If you've visited Denver lately, chances are you've gotten a glimpse of some of the beautiful street art on display in the city. Street art has evolved from the early forms of defiant graffiti into a more commercial form of art. Street art is often meant to provoke thought rather than rejection among the general audience through making its purpose more evident than that of graffiti. To get a more unique look at the city through this art form, there is now a street art walking tour in Denver. Continue reading for information on this one of a kind Colorado event.

A Unique Denver Tour

Denver's Street Art Walking Tour explores some of Colorado’s best local artists in the colorful River North Art District and Five Points neighborhoods. Participants are encouraged to bring the cameras to take pictures of themselves with the art. What's great about this tour is that there will be local guides sharing the stories behind the art. The inspirations to the art in this area are indicative of the social issues going on right now in many of Denver's communities. Arrive ready to explore, educate yourself, and get a bit of exercise this summer! Participants are asked to wear sunscreen if they need it to protect themselves from the sun.

Tickets for this event are priced at $45 for adults and $40 for kids. Tickets include a snack along the way, but you should bring a water bottle for the journey and stay hydrated. This is an event with availability everyday this year, so there's plenty of time for everyone to take part. Also, a portion of your ticket price includes a donation to a local organization supporting young artists in the Denver area, so you’ll be directly impacting the incredible community represented by the art you'll witness on the tour.

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